Time in the woods and fields

We called it hunting

I spent a lot of time with Calvin, my cousin, and his father Uncle Earl. We often went hunting in the fields and woods. We hunted squirrels, rabbits, pheasants and sometimes ducks. I got a few squirrels but always had trouble seeing them. Uncle Earl could see them from a great distance and Uncle Earl would say to me, "For gosh sakes, can't you see that squirrel there". It was only later that I discovered that my far vision was defective. One of the biggest surprise Christmas gifts I received was a 20 gauge Shotgun. I never thought my parents would give me such a thing. Sometimes we would hunt in the field right in front of the house. Other times, we went fishing on the lake. Uncle Earl had a homemade row boat that he kept at the lake. We would fish for Sunfish and Crappies and occasionally a catfish. On one occasion I got a 12" Oswego Bass which was as big a fish as I had ever seen at that time. One time we were fishing at Brown's Mills and I caught a good sized Catfish. When I tried to get the hook out of it's mouth, I accidentally got stuck by the fish's sharp spike which really hurt. . I instinctively threw the fish half way across the lake. Uncle Earl always had time for us and was a picturesque character. He loved Laurel and Hardy movies and would take us into Trenton the see the latest one.. He always had a garden and also raised chickens and pigeons (for eating).