Things I remembered from the early days

Memory goes way back

Are memories things you remember or are they things that others have told you?

For example, one of the first events I “recall” is an incident about a visit I made to Yardville Heights school when I was very young, less than 5 years old. It seems that I followed Harold to school one day, walking down Highland Ave., down the hill to Broad Street. Of course, he went across Broad street to the school but I wasn’t allowed to cross such a busy street. Instead, I stood on the other side and hollered for him. I really remember that part of the story. The rest of the story (which I must have heard later) was that at the direction of the principal, I was escorted home by one of the bigger kids. I don't really remember that detail so I guess that was what I have been told

However, I do remember getting kicked out Kindergarten at least twice. I was kicked out (actually sent home) one time for climbing out the window of the 1st grade classroom (shown below) and jumping down to the ground. The other time it was for defacing property. Every day we walked to school from home along Highland Avenue. Highland Avenue went down hill to intersect Broad Street. The road at that point had recently been paved with coal tar and along the side of the road the paving often left tar in little hardened puddles. It was our practice to pick up these little pieces of tar and roll them around into a small ball. Sometimes we could use the tar to write our names on the concrete retaining walls on the hill. Or other times, we chewed on the tar like gum. The tar was usually hard enough so that it didn't come off on your skin or teeth. On one occasion I took the ball of tar into school and laid it on my desk. Unfortunately, later in the day the sun moved around to shine on the desk. The tar heated up and melted on my desk. When the teacher saw that, I escorted home by an older student. When I got home my mother wasn't there but he left me anyway. Being on my own I decided to go over to Mrs. Fronley’s house. The Fronleys were friends of ours, but there wasn't anyone there either. I went in their house and sat on the front porch. Before long, the older boy who had left me at my house returned. I guess he had told the teacher he had left me with no one at home. He escorted me back to school. This is one incident that I know I remember because there wasn't anyone else who could have told me about that.