Boy Scouts
Troop 42-Yardville

My Boy Scout Experiences

Around age 12, I was in the Boy Scouts. White Horse had a very active troop but Yardville was closer. It was Troop 42 and somehow I got to be Assistant Patrol Leader. I have photos of a “camping” trip made with the scouts. It wasn't much of a trip, we camped in the woods somewhere between Groveville and Yardville.

We cooked food over open fires, blackened potatoes roasted on a stick, baked beans etc. The scouts also acted as helpers in an annual fishing contest held on a branch of Crosswicks creek near Crosswicks Cemetary. The Lions or some such group sponsored it. It was an all day affair fishing in the newly stocked creek for trout. The scouts helped run the food booths and generally assisted. Another event I recall was when the Scouts were asked to assist in looking for a senile man who had wandered off from a farm near Allentown. We spent quite a few hours combing the fields and woods. I think they eventually found him but we felt very important to have been called to help.

When I was about 12, I went with the Scouts to the New York World’s Fair of 1938-39. It was a great place with all kinds of futuristic buildings and exhibitions. The first public showing of television took place there. We collected all kinds of pins and buttons as souvenirs. I can remember, vividly, riding the GM diorama in the Trylon and Perisphere. It featured elaborate models of the cities of the future connected by expressways and super highways. There were no high speed interstate highways in 1939 but they were predicted for the future. After a great day, somehow, I missed the group’s departure on the train for home I don’t think I called my parents and from all reports, they were pretty frantic when I didn’t show up with the group. . No problem, I just got the next train headed for Trenton. I was lucky all my life in getting into positions of “responsibility”, probably more a reflection of my good nature than of ability. In 8th grade, at Yardville School, although I wasn’t on the safety patrol (kids who functioned as crossing guards) I got to go to Philly on the Safety Patrol’s trip to a Phillies baseball game.